PHOENIX — The family of a Phoenix police officer shot in the line of duty is speaking out. Officer Alicia Hubert, one of three officers shot Sunday night while responding to a call in North Phoenix, was shot twice.

“She did grow up in a law enforcement family,” said Paul Hubert, Alicia’s father.

Paul Hubert, who worked for the Phoenix Police Department for 35 years, said about a year and a half ago, his daughter followed in her parent’s footsteps and became a police officer herself.

“Her mother was also a police officer for many years,” Hubert said.

On Sunday night, alongside Officer Marissa Dowhan and Commander Greg Carnicle, Alicia Hubert responded to a house near 40th Drive and Pinnacle Peak Road to a report of a roommate conflict. But when they walked into the house, a man opened fire on the officers.

That’s when Hubert’s father got an unimaginable call.

“I had received a phone call from a fellow officer who had heard about it on the radio. We knew that three officers had been wounded and Alicia was one of them,” Hubert said.

Alicia’s family rushed to the hospital not knowing if the 22-year-old officer would survive.

“That was what we thought. We were definitely panicked,” said Jacque Starr-Hubert, Alicia’s stepmom

Alicia had been shot twice – once in the foot and once in the back. Thankfully, doctors say she will recover. 

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“She feels very fortunate,” Starr-Hubert said. “There were no broken bones or complications. We’re just grateful that her health and her future health-wise looks very good.”

Sadly, Alicia’s colleague, Commander Carnicle, didn’t make it. He was just months away from retirement. Alicia learned the devastating news from her hospital bed.

“She knew him to be a great commander, one that when he showed up on a call, they were happy he was there; so it was devastating, and to be in that situation, it’s devastating when you’re not there, but when it happens and you’re involved in it, makes it even more personal and emotional,” Hubert said.

Now, as Alicia and the entire Phoenix police family mourn the loss of a great colleague, she is recovering from her injuries at 365彩票. While her family says she is still in pain, she is already looking forward to the day she can get back in her uniform.

“She’s already talked about it,” Hubert said.

“She’s very much wanting to go back to work,” Starr-Hubert added.

Commander Carnicle’s funeral will be live-streamed on Tuesday. At noon, Phoenix Police is asking the public to pause for a moment of silence for him.